The African American female population of Sacramento, California is only 8% of the total population, but 15% of those women have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, as reported by the California Department of Public Health, University of California San Francisco’s, 2009 Diabetes Program.   The African American population of Sacramento County is 70,218.  Women total 52%.  

    Three African American women in Sacramento, California have been meeting at the kitchen table for the past year to discuss the plight of themselves, their children, and their families.  Knowing immediate attention and action is necessary for stabilizing the negative conditions in their community, they are a voice for African Americans embracing higher education, healthy lifestyle practices, and healthy families. They are taking on the leadership role and responsibility for passing on a healthy legacy of proper eating, physical fitness and self-management and treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, or “sugar”, and are calling their movement the

“African American Women’s Health Legacy” (AAWHL) 



“Changing Our Health For Future Generations”

Positive Mental Health

Treatment &


Increased Physical Fitness

Proper Diet and Nutrition

Advocacy for Health