Saturday Scholars Academy


Saturday Scholars Academy Sessions

Session #1 – Setting Family Goals for College Success

Teaches parents/students how to set family short term and long term goals, garnering the support of family, friends and acquaintances to supervise and monitor the students academic and civic activities, and encourages the parent and student to require high expectations and self confidence for school and college success.

Session #2 – Time Management & Organization Skills

Students and parents learn how to prioritize their day, plan for future events and how to meet deadlines that are so important when applying for college.

Session # 3 - Growing Your Child’s Interest In a Career

Parents learn how to develop student’s interests, talents, and skills into assets for selecting a career and higher education.  Parents/students learn the importance of having back-up plans for career choices and the many options and opportunities some occupations offer.

Session #4 – How to Utilize Networking Skills, Volunteer Experiences, & Mentoring Opportunities

Shows parent/student how to take advantage of programs (i.e., AVID, UpWard Bound) that give the student insight to college life, teaches them how to utilize their network and knowledge of people and resources for internships, information, and referrals, explains to them the advantages of volunteer and mentor opportunities that provide real life experiences and knowledge to save future time and resources, keeping the student focused on a career path and college.

Session # 5 - All About College

Makes parent/student aware of the college preparation courses and how to meet college-level standards students need in high school, and what is required to navigate the college application process.  Provides an opportunity for parent/student to begin their relationship with college admissions representatives who are trained to provide early assistance and support for the family, and conducts a college campus tour to acquaint the family with the many services and classes provided the student.

Session #6 – Family Graduation Ceremony @ College

Honors the families for their hard work and dedication with a campus first “college graduation” ceremony, where family and friends celebrate as parent/student both receive diplomas for program completion, a professional speaks on his/her career challenges and successes, and students are recognized for their life goals.


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