“This program is far too beneficial. It proves that there is no reason why every child cannot go to college” –  Parent

“The most important point of this presentation was the A-G   requirements for the California Universities.” –   Parent

“The most important part of this class was the high school testing, and the price for going to college.” –  Student

“My student and I have not yet discussed the sessions, but changes are coming!” – Parent

“My parents and I are communicating better” – Student

“I need to pay closer attention to the teacher” – Student

“This class helped me know how note taking is important. I also learned what type of learner I am. I’m looking forward to being a better student.” – Student

“I’ve noticed a genuine interest in college.” – Parent

“The most important thing I learned today was how to take notes better and how studying can make a big difference in my grades” – Student

“This session helped me realize we need to talk more about what my child would like to do for her future” – Parent

“It changes my thoughts about not giving up even after I fail” – Student

“It made me want to work harder towards my own goals in life” – Parent

“We could get help, if we need it” – Parent

“Makes me want to go back to school” – Parent

"Ms. Chandler has instilled hope in my heart, She has given essential strategies to help my children achieve a college education. I have goals from beginning to end on how to prepare me and my daughters to be successful. Her children achieving their goals, is inspiring to the Williams Family. I suggest everyone buy the book and follow her advice." - Regginald Williams


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