Getting children ready for college is no easy task. From knowing which classes to take, to signing up for the SAT—students need training and tools that not only prepare them for college admission,  but for a successful journey once they’ve arrived.

    Yes 2 Kollege Education Resources, Inc. believes that any hardworking student can attend college, regardless of family background or income. We work to empower parents and students with services and resources to become responsible citizens who value education as a lifelong process. Find out how we can help you.

Welcome College-Bound Families

Greater Knowledge

Attending college will increase your child’s ability to understand developments in science and in society, to think abstractly and critically, and to make wise decisions.

Greater Potential
Attending college can help increase your child’s understanding of the community and world; as he/she explores interests, discovers new areas of knowledge, considers lifelong goals, & becomes a responsible citizen.

More Money
A person who attends college generally earns more money!

Why College?

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